NCWHS Winter Guard starting soon.

The Normal West Winterguard clinics and auditions are being held Saturday, November 7 in room 150 AB at Normal West High School. Anyone is able to come, and no dance or spinning background is required.

Winter guard is the sport of the arts. It includes a variety of dance in addition to spinning of flags, rifles, sickles, sabres and sometimes airblades. All of these components are used to create an overall theme for the show. The show is a routine that is taken to competitions and contests where guards can compete against one another.

“I can’t wait for the winter season to start. It’s so much fun and I can’t wait to perform this years show”, said returning member and junior Madisan Werkman.

Guard is a co-ed varsity sport. Junior  Nic Koch  joined guard in the fall of 2014, the first male to join the guard in over 7 years. “This activity is such a joy. You get to perform and find a different part of yourself through this activity. Not to mention the amazing friendships and bonding that comes with, I love this team,” said Koch.

The Normal West Winterguard is a team, as well as an ensemble. It is a team because they practice and rely on one another, always pushing each other to achieve higher things. It’s an ensemble because they wouldn’t be able to perform if something or someone was missing.

Winter Guard is a highly detailed sport and is always looking for new members, don’t be afraid to audition. It’s a blast!