Normal West students sell in business club

Normal West business club is a club open to any and all students interested in pursuing a career in business, or for those seeking out extra experience in the educational, yet exciting subject area. Business club is led by all of the business teachers (Mr. Matthews, Mr. Burgess, Mr. Franz, and Mr. Piepenbrink), and exposes students to many different parts of business.

Business club meets around once a month (day chosen on monthly basis), and on an individual basis per group within the club. Groups are designated (student-selected) at the beginning of the school year or semester, and students work with others in their group to complete designated group tasks. The business groups are West TV, school store, and marketing; these groups change over the months so that each set of students is offered all experiences.

The West TV group takes turns recording sports games and events, relating to the sports marketing side of business; those in this group must designate one person to record each game or event. The school store group takes turns working shifts at the school store either before or after school with a business teacher volunteer. The benefit of working the school store is that students get paid in gift cards per shift. The last group, the marketing group, has the opportunity to advertise and sell stickers to students and teachers.

Mr. Matthews talked a bit about the club: “what we do in business club is we essentially have two businesses in the school: the school store, and selling stickers. These business experiences offer practical application of the skills students have learned through group work.”

Niki Burton (12), member of the club, shares that “business club is really fun and so are all the people. It’s fun to volunteer for the school store, and there are a lot of opportunities.”

Sam Ganassin (11) also has participated in working the school store and has enjoyed that aspect of the club.

Between all of the experiences each group task offers, students have the opportunity to apply their business skills in the real world, to further themselves as business people. Whether students are in Accounting, Business Management, or Sports and Entertainment Marketing, they will in some way be able to apply what they learned in class through this club.

To join business club, drop by the meetings and find a group to work with. If you’re looking to apply for an officer position, meet with one of the business teachers for an application and set up an interview.