Key Club wants you!

Mrs. Saal, Key Club sponser

Mrs. Saal, Key Club sponser

Come check out Key Club, the volunteer club here at Normal west, with sponsor Mrs. Saal. So, you may be asking yourself millions of questions about Key Club.  Mrs. Saal was able to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about Key Club

 What is Key Club?

“We do volunteer work throughout the community. For instance if someone calls saying they need a babysitter at the Fairview PTO meeting we provide babysitters. We also help out with the blood drive and things like that. So it’s basically helping out in the community wherever we’re needed.”

How long have you been apart of Key Club?

“Six years.”

Why did you decide to sponsor Key Club?

“Because someone asked. I had no idea what it was until I came to work here nine years ago and one of the teachers in the math department was the sponsor and she asked me to take over for her, so I said yes.”

Do you participate in the same projects every year?

“We do have some of the same projects every year, but this year there are a few new ones.”

Do you like doing the Key Club?

“Love it! It has been good for me to have something to do because when I moved here I didn’t know anybody, and it kind of gave me a way to meet people in the community and to also get involved here and meet people too. And its also in my blood to serve people, so I really enjoy helping people.”

Would you suggest people join the Key Club?

“If they’re looking for a way to help people in the community and they don’t know where to go to for the resource in that, then yes, absolutely.”

Still not sure if Key Club is for you or if you would even enjoy being apart of Key Club? Autumn Hart, spoke about being a part of Key Club and what she enjoys about it.

How long have you been apart of Key Club?

“This will be my second year being a part of Key Club.”

Why did you choose to be apart of Key Club?

“Looks good for college and I wanted to be more involved in school and the community.”

What is your favorite activity you do or have done in Key Club?

“Babysitting at Fairview Elementary.”

Still can’t decide? Just go and check it out for yourself!. It’s okay if Key Club isn’t your thing, just give it a try and see if you really like it. It’s a great way to get involved in the community and in your school. If you have any other questions stop by and ask Mrs. Saal. You can find her either in her classroom, room 213, or in the math office, room 201. Hope to catch you at Key Club very soon!