Seniors enjoy luncheon despite the “roast”

Seniors gathered together Wednesday April 23, to reminisce their four years of high school and to spend quality time as a class for one of the last times before graduating.

The DoubleTree Hotel hosted the senior luncheon providing excellent food. Seniors enjoyed salad, pasta salad, lasagna and chicken along with a cheesecake dessert. At the tables, there were pitchers of water, tea and lemonade for all to enjoy.

Senior Angela Woodard commented about the meal provided, “It was absolutely delicious! The chicken was probably my favorite part of the meal, the melted cheese and seasoning really made it terrific!”

Since the senior class submitted 1,000 photos – a new record – the tech department created a slideshow to play while everyone ate.

The hosts for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Klokkenga. They entered the conference room and opened the luncheon with an act very similar to Saturday Night Live’s old cheerleading sketch with Will Ferrell. They even wore West Cheer apparel.

Mr. and Mrs. Klokkenga prepared 14 points, or highlights for the 2014 class. They were comical and a big hit. Their roast of the senior class poked at how they got the short end of the stick with last year’s grads being very smart and next year’s class being the special 20 year class.

Brittani Francisco was one of many seniors who were unappreciative of the roast, “It didn’t make me happy to be a senior like the luncheon is supposed to. I didn’t take offense to it, but I didn’t like it. We get it, we know we aren’t the best class. It just makes me want to graduate sooner because we are such an insignificant class.”

In the 14 points, the Klokkengas let it be known that while we have seven valedictorians, it is still less than the previous year that had eight valedictorians. The senior class had no academic accomplishments though quite a few sports accomplishments. Seniors also had a record eight snow days.

The senior awards came after lunch. Mac Dougan won “life of the party”, Emily Lewis won “biggest try-hard”, and Patrick Kelly won “least changed”. Seniors roared and applauded Harry Bell when it was announced that he had won “biggest diva”.

Lizzy Nichols, a senior, shared her opinion on the awards, “Of course Harry won biggest diva! It was funny to see him get it, especially since he didn’t want people voting for him. I wasn’t really surprised by any of the winners. It was a lot of fun.”

The senior video showed pictures of the seniors when they were gradeschoolers all the way through high school. While some people got embarrassed, it was overall a big success.

Seniors will graduate May 24th and two p.m at the  US Cellular Colosseum.