ACT prep helps students excel

The Normal West ACT prep courses start March 31st in junior homerooms, helping students with any questions they have about the test that could help determine their future college choices. 

The ACT is coming up fast for juniors. April is only weeks away, and students are cramming to get their studying in before time runs out. Everyone who is planning on going to college is required to take the test, so many have taken it already. 

Normal West offers ACT prep classes in the Junior homerooms that lasts for 15 minutes each day. Anyone in the junior class can sign up for these classes, and are free of charge. 

To really prepare for difficult subjects, individuals participated in a practice ACT test. The students took the test, to better understand the test style and format to help prepare them for April. The practice testing had the same procedure as the official test will, with the same time frames each subject allows. From there, the test will be graded, and the students taking the prep homeroom classes will be able to see their over all scores and be able to go over questions they missed. 

“This is a great way to let students know what to study and what they need to focus on. I know that it will definitely help me in the long run.” Sara Fuller (11) said when asked if she liked the practice test that was held on Thursday March 13th. 

Many students like Sara have agreed that they believe that the prep test and classes will help them develop better studying habits. “The ACT is such a big deal in a student’s career in high school. I’m really glad they offer something like this at my school to jumpstart my future!” Said Brittany Ross (11) when asked if she thinks that the prep classes will help her in the long run. 

These prep classes will help many Juniors with any last minute worries before the big test begins in April. Normal West students have an advantage that they shouldn’t take for granted. 

The ACT will be on April 21st this year.