Red carpet to roll out at Normal West prom

In previous years staff and students of Normal Community West have worked diligently to make prom as exciting as possible; however this year the effort to bring the Oscars to West is stronger than ever with increased student and classroom assistance.

With the Oscars behind us, everyone is thinking about the red carpet, the designer outfits, and the glitz and glamour of a typical Hollywood ceremony. It isn’t a surprise that West is preparing for a red carpet-themed prom night.

It’s also not surprising that the students of Normal West are pitching in more than previous years. Besides the junior board and some teachers’ help, classes like  Digital Photography are hard at work making specialty movie posters featuring teachers and staff from around the school.

The students designing these specialty posters are getting experience and learning the tricks of Photoshop as they alter the posters and add faculty to them. The movies are meant to cover a variety of departments, each unique and comical to the teachers starring in them. Film posters like The Monuments Men and The Breakfast Club will feature familiar faces from all around the school. Perhaps the most interesting poster of all will feature  Mr. and Mrs. Klokkenga as Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt in The Titanic.

Senior Aiesha Echols is one of the photographers editing one of these iconic posters. When asked about what she thought of the growth in student efforts for prom decorations, she said,”It’s cool you know, they need the help this year and I’m excited to see what they do.” Needless to say the efforts of Aiesha and her peers will not go without notice as the specialty posters will be hung up for students to view at post-prom. Adding to the overall feel of the theme and adding another note of enjoyment to the night.

Senior Bree Alexander expressed her excitement about this year’s efforts towards prom, “I love all the student involvement. Students helping out and designing our prom will make it that much better. We know what we want from our prom and who better to deliver than us than just our teachers and few students?”

In 2012, West’s prom was themed after the Academy Award winning film Moulin Rouge, which, thanks to the efforts of student council and staff members, was a night to remember.

Just last year, the prom was set in a big city with a theme of Bright Lights, Big City, which was once again a night to remember for all who attended. However, this year West is making bigger plans, involving more of the student body in planning for prom.

With all the student and staff help and the increased attention to details, Normal West’s prom could possibly be the best the school has seen in years. As the red carpet rolls out at West this year, seniors and juniors wait patiently to experience an amazing night that they are sure to remember.