Seniors start preparing for departure


Courtesy of Cheyenne Turcotte

The Senior class of 2014 is slowly coming to an end as the class starts to make its final arrangements before graduation day.

Second semester for seniors is full of nerves and excitement as they start finalizing their plans after graduation. There’s accepting admission into the college of their choice, putting together a final transcript to send to college, but there are also fun activities along the way.

Seniors who are interested can apply for the Booster Scholarship. The deadline for this scholarship is February 28. The Booster Scholarship will award one student with a $500 scholarship, and another with a $1,000 scholarship. You must be a part of any academic club/organization at West or show West Pride to be eligible for the $500 scholarship. To have the opportunity for the $1,000 scholarship, you must be a member of West’s Booster Club.

“Applying for scholarships was pretty rough, I just hope I can get one!” Lizzy Nichols, senior.

The Senior Packet is now out! In it, Seniors will find a form to fill out regarding your plans for after graduation. If you have plans to go to college afterwards, students need to give the name and address of the college so Unit 5 can send out your final transcript. There is also a spot listed for any scholarships you have been awarded with or if you decided to join the military.

Although there seems to be a lot of pressure and deadlines for seniors second semester, West has a few fun activities in store as well. Seniors will be taken on a senior picnic, where they get to leave school to have a cookout and enjoy the weather outside. There is also a senior luncheon, and an awards night.

“I’m excited for the senior picnic! I just hope it doesn’t rain, getting out of school for a day would be the best.” Emily Lewis, senior.

“I love all the senior activities, definitely needed after four years of hard work! Can’t believe we’re almost graduates!” Bree Alexander, senior.

The senior class of 2014 has had a great four years. There’s still plenty of deadlines and hard work ahead, but they’re almost to the end.