YouTube occupies students’ attention

Keaton Knuth, Staff Reporter

People, especially teens, have started incorporating YouTube into their daily routines. Students let YouTubers fill their time before bed, during homework time, and even during the school day.

One student that considers YouTube a part of their daily routine is Lavender Ortery (12). Her main focus is on YouTubers Jeffree Star, James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, and Trisha Paytas.  She said that she typically spends at least four hours a day watching them.

When asked why she watches them, she replied “They are all so iconic. I enjoy their channels because they are entertaining. When I’m bored, it’s always a good time when they can get me to laugh.”

Jack Courtad (11) also allows YouTube to distract him on a daily basis. Unlike Ortery, he watches vine compilations and videos that inspire him to try new things and spends at least two hours a day online.

Courtad was also asked why he watched them. He responded, “When I have a long, stressful day it’s nice to be able to relax and laugh. On the other hand, when I am bored and am in need of some liveliness, I watch people like Try Guys who push me to do things I never would have thought of.”  

There are even some West students who take it to the next level and have created their very own YouTube channel. Here at West there are at least two channels that were created by Olivia Rosenbaum and Landon Powell.

Landon Powell’s channel, @UNORMAL CLUB, really doesn’t have a particular purpose at the moment. He posts things that involve music and a few things that he has created. He has 20 followers and 7 videos.

Powell’s goal is to start posting more varieties of videos like vlogs and things he has created after high school.

@olivarosenbaum, ran by Olivia Rosenbaum, is centered around her life with her friends and what she likes to do. With 33 subscribers and only 2 videos, Rosenbaum hopes that her subscriber count increases.

Although this isn’t her career path, she enjoys making videos with her friends. She began to post videos about a month ago because it’s something she has always wanted to do.

YouTube fills the free time people have, and continues to grow everyday with new subscribers and YouTubers.