2017 Lollapalooza has students excited


Jon Stewart, Staff Reporter

Chicago’s 4-day music extravaganza, Lollapalooza 2017, has students giddy with excitement. The festival, started in 1991 and relocated to Grant Park, Chicago in 2003, has been a mainstay in alternative music and featured many popular musical acts in the past, such as the Beastie Boys, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lady Gaga, and many, many more.

“The bands that have me the most excited this year are probably Run the Jewels, Mac DeMarco, and Suicide Boys.” said senior Jordan Wright, a 2-year-veteran of the festival. “Since my first time, I’ve been pretty excited to go every year.” he added “Most years I’ve paid for it, but this year I had my mom pay for the tickets. It should be pretty fun.”

On the other end of the spectrum, West junior Michael Dixon, a potential first time festival goer, was mainly anticipating the more popular acts. “I just can’t wait to see Chance the rapper and Mac DeMarco. I’ve been waiting so long for an opportunity to go see them, I’m also pretty excited for Getter and Cage the Elephant, just because their music is rad. I’m not going for sure yet, but I’m planning on it.” As for why Michael planned to go to this festival as opposed to other ones around the country, he had this to say: “From what I understand, there are good bands and good people at Lollapalooza. Not to mention it’s pretty close.”

Both Michael and Jordan’s most anticipated bands are not far off from what the media is saying. Billboard, famous for it’s Top 100 list charting the most successful musical tracks weekly, put out a piece covering all of 2017’s top music venues. In it’s Lollapalooza spot, it specifically mentions that “In it’s 26th year, Lolla will feature Chance the Rapper, Run the Jewels, and Lorde”.

Another article, by Chicago Tribune writer Greg Kot, toutes that “Chance the Rapper, Lorde, and Arcade Fire top 170-band lineup”.
This year’s festival is sure to be an interesting experience for all involved, both bands and attendees.