Dynamic duo rocks to its own beat


Melissa Rodriguez

Joe Wilcox interacting with Aris Hess from Portals at a show.

Essence Lewis, staff reporter

Normal West has been home to multiple student rock bands in the past years, from Call Me in the Morning, Classic Schmosby, Fourth Graders, Sunday Afternoon, and Therapy, but the new dynamic duo is Joe the Punk and Logan the Jew.

Seniors Joe Wilcox and Logan Berg are two guys with a knack for music. Both participate in the school band programs, play guitar, sing, and write music.

When asked what music means to him, Berg stated, “Music is my passion. I’ve been playing for over 6 years, I’ve been listening to music and listening to different kinds of music my whole life, and I plan to go into it as a career.” Presented with the same question Wilcox stated, “I’d consider music my passion. Music is one thing that always brings me joy.”

Both Berg and Wilcox said they started appreciating music at the age of five. With listening to a broad range of music, they receive inspiration from other bands they listen to. When writing Berg stated, “I listen to bands that I’m trying to sound like. For heavy music it’s bands like Slipknot, Knocked Loose, and Metallica. But for acoustic music I listen to Pat the Bunny and Fourside. Lyrically I get the inspiration from just my everyday experiences”

Since this duo isn’t composed of  the most well known students at West, it’s not a surprise that many don’t know much about their music. When asked what people need to know about them, Wilcox stated, “Both me and my music are extremely intense.” Berg stated,  “Honestly what I want people to know about my music is that every note means something. And every word means something. In the music I write, I try to make it so that every note has some sort of emotion behind it.”

Berg and Wilcox have been writing music for some time now, but they don’t just keep it to themselves. In September the two did their first show in front of a crowd. Berg reflected on shows stating, “I have played a few shows, and I loved all of them. Playing in front of people when you have actual emotion behind the music you’re busting out is probably one of the most exhilarating and liberating moments I’ve ever had.” Wilcox simply stated, “The best part is getting compliments from random people after your set. It’s nice to know my hard work brings enjoyment to others.”

With a talent for music and a love for performing, Logan Berg and Joe Wilcox rock to their own beat around the Normal West hallways.