Harry Potter part 8 to be released this summer


Pictured is the first seven Harry Potter books. Photo credits to Black Clarksville.

In the last Harry Potter we saw Harry as he said goodbye to his three children on platform nine and three-quarters as they head off the Hogwarts. However, on July 31st, 2016 it all changes. Author, JK Rowling, is set to release an eighth book.

The book is titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It is set 19 years after Harry first sent his children off to Hogwarts. The past seven books have all dealt with darkness, magic, and family drama and the eighth one is no different. Dealing with family legacy, and trying to defeat the darkness Harry and his son, Albus, go through it together.

Years’ worth of fans have gone through this whole series start to finish. “This is a really good idea because so many people are so invested into these characters,” said English teacher, Mrs. Mackinson.

Fans are raging with excitement as the release date approaches quickly. “I’m excited to see the Harry, Ron, and Hermione back together and fighting evil,” Libby Workman (11) said.

Along with the book, two plays are scheduled to open on the same day. “I think this is a good idea because it is opening up a new set of audience with the two plays,” said English teacher, Ms. Marvin. This opens it up to people who don’t particularly like to read but still want to see the eighth edition.

 Throughout the series the reader discovers that there is no real backstory on Harry’s parents just that they died when Harry was young. “You’re going to get more backstory on Harry’s life and his parents,” Mackinson also said.

 However, some people aren’t as excited as others. Some people think that this new book and play being released are a bad idea. “I think the idea is bad because basically the series ended two years ago so there isn’t really a point on bringing it back,” Sofie Williams, a sophomore, stated.

 As the release date gets closer and excitement grows bigger the book and play will both come out. Fan’s will get to return to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.