Panic! At The Disco’s new album takes flight

Panic! At The Disco recently released their fifth studio album entitled “Death Of A Bachelor”. Front man Brendon Urie claims that “this album is the perfect leap forward.”

The song, Death Of A Bachelor was written by Brendon Urie with the inspiration of legendary artist, Frank Sinatra. Within this song Urie produces jazz-like vocals layered with beats similar to Beyonce’s Drunken Love. “This song represents honesty.” said Urie, “more romantic in the Sinatra way, I’m done being a bachelor and reborn as a married man.”   

Panic! At The Disco’s new album “Death Of A Bachelor.”

This album is the first to be released with Brendon Urie being the only member left in PATD. “This album is perfect, it’s catchy and really reaches different crowds, while still sounding like Panic! underneath,” commented senior Sierra Hedin, “Brendon really knew what he was doing.”

Although, this album might be Urie  but he sure kept the Panic! feeling instead of a solo record. “I used to be married to four people in a band and now I’m left alone, it’s a divorce.” says Urie in Upset magazine.

“Death Of A Bachelor” earned the band’s first number one album on the Billboard 200 charts. This album is taking the world by storm, and is continuously getting more positive  ratings. It has also produced many hit singles that are playing on mainstream radio stations, including Hallelujah and  Victorious.  “These songs are incredibly catchy and is what this band needed.” says sophomore Cameron Lohnes. 

Brendon Urie has said a lot regarding his feelings through this album and is preparing for the upcoming tour, not as Urie himself, but Panic! At The Disco.