Local band Pine rocks The Castle

On October 30th, local band Pine had the chance to play a sold out show at The Castle Theater with touring bands The Story So Far, Basement, and Turnover. For every stop on the tour, a local band got a chance to play. They would be donating to a local charity or doing volunteer work for a local charity. It was a great opportunity for Pine and I had the chance to talk to Pine’s drummer, Josh Kayne about their experience playing this show.

Pine at The Castle Theatre.


What was your reaction when you found out about being on the show?

A lot of screaming. I immediately called the boys while screaming. It was so surreal.

What was your initial reaction when you got on stage and saw that The Castle was full?

Overwhelming. I took a picture to remember it, different than the picture I took while on stage, but it was ridiculous. We couldn’t believe there were so many people in one room.

The View from the stage of the crowd for Pine. Photo by Josh Kayne


How would you explain the difference of playing a show like that compared to the other shows that you have played?

You’d think we would have more room being on a bigger stage. but thinking back, it seemed that we were more crammed on the stage, having the following band’s equipment already set up behind us. Other than that, because of the amount of people, the crowd reaction was the best we’ve ever received.

Do you feel like you gained any fans from this show?

So many.

Did you get a chance to hear feedback from any of the touring bands?

I personally did not. However my bandmates said that some guys from Turnover and Basement said they enjoyed us, so that’s cool. I heard from some friends who were at the show that Turnover gave us a shout out on stage.

What was the charity you donated to and why did you pick it?

I chose Arrow Dog Rescue in Normal, IL because I was recently in the process of adopting a dog and was researching a bunch of shelters in the area and found that Arrow knew what they were doing the best. I visited some other shelters that mistreated dogs, even though they were considered “rescuing” the dogs. I wanted to support an organization that knew what they were doing.

Is there anything you want to add?

We should have some new material recorded by next year. In the meantime check out our EP.

Go see Pine at a show in town and check out their music at http://pinetheband.bandcamp.com/releases