Students angered over Snapchat update

Students angered over Snapchat update

It seems like these days everyone is obsessed with their phones. Who’s texting who? What’s the newest, coolest app? And, of course, everyone has a favorite application. A popular favorite according to the iTunes app store, is Snapchat. For those who have been living in a cave, Snapchat allows people to send each other pictures for a maximum of ten seconds. A popular feature on this app, is the “best friends” list. For nearly four years, the top three people a person is sending snapchats to, or, “snaps”, has been public information… But not anymore.

About a week ago, Snapchat released it’s newest update. It includes a new discovery page, where users can see content from companies that sponsor the app. The layout of the app itself also changed in various ways, with a new chat screen that is similar to texting, and the user settings layout. However, the most highly contested change has been the removal of the best friend feature.  This change has wreaked havoc between friends and even in romantic relationships.

Senior Courtney Wickersham, said, “ I hate it! Now I can’t creep on everybody and see how important I am to them.” Her friends standing near by fervently agreed.

 Jenna Taylor, junior, on the other hand, was indifferent. “ I don’t care who people are talking to, as long as they’re talking to me.”

 While some take the new update in stride, for others, this means big changes. An anonymous interviewee stated, “ I hate this update. Now I can’t see what girls my boyfriend is talking to, and that’s really a problem for me. How am I gonna know if he’s cheating or not if I can’t see who he’s talking to. He doesn’t let me look through his phone anymore, so now I’ve gotta be some kind of super detective if I wanna know.”

Whether you love or hate the new update, one thing is for sure; it’s here to stay, and we’ve just got to get used to it.