American Sniper receives three and a half stars


American Sniper courtesy of Warner Bros

American Sniper has been number one in the box office since its release on January 16, 2015. Based on the true story of Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, American Sniper has earned three and a half stars. The film is based on the memoir written by Kyle himself about his experiences in the war and being the family man for his wife and two children.

 In the film, Chris is portrayed by Bradley Cooper and Taya, Chris’ wife, is portrayed by Sienna Miller. The opening scene of the film throws the viewer directly into the war. The scene is of Chris having to make a decision on what to do when an Iraqi mother and child emerge from their home and the mother hands her son a grenade to throw at American soldiers at the end of the street. The movie then follows Chris as he meets his wife in a local bar, their marriage, the birth of their two children, and the four tours he served for the U.S. military.

 Fans are raving about the film. With help from the fans, the film was nominated for six Oscar awards, including best picture and actor in a leading role.

 “It was a great movie, very detailed. It was exciting yet very sad,” said Austin Hartke(11).

 Rolling Stone writes, “Cooper and Eastwood salute Kyle’s patriotism best by not denying its toll. Their targets are clearly in sight, and their aim is true”.

 Vanity Fair magazine raves about Coopers performance as Chris Kyle. Buzz Bissinger writes, “Bradley Cooper delivers not simply one of the best performances of the year but a performance for the ages”.

 I am not a huge fan of war movies, but I absolutely love this one. I would go see it again and again. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone. I love the way Eastwood captured the struggles of Chris so accurately through his life during the war and his life when he’s back at home. My favorite part of the entire film is the ending.

If you see this film, which highly suggest you do, pay close attention to the reaction of the audience as a whole at the end of the film. The film looks the best on the big screen. If you get the chance to see it, I highly suggest you see it in theaters. I most definitely recommend seeing American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller.