2015 local concerts have country flair

This year, country music is taking local venues by storm. The Coliseum will be featuring Alan Jackson, Brandy Clarke, and Chris Young. In addition to this, The Castle Theater will be host to Jana Kramer and Peter Mulvey.

Alan Jackson has 50 number one hits, 2 grammy awards, 16 CMA awards, and 17 ACM awards. Brandy Clarke has songs that have been recorded by Reba Mcentyre, Darius Rucker, and Billy Currington. The two will be performing at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum on May 9th.

Chris Young boasts 13 nominations and 3 awards, and will be performing at The Coliseum February 20th.

Former Actress Jana Kramer of One Tree Hill and best known for her 2012 hit “Why Ya Wanna”, will be performing at The Castle Theater February 12th. Folk artist Peter Mulvey will be featured at The Castle on Valentines Day, as a romantic treat for the lovers of Bloomington.

The recent trend has put country music up higher as a favorite of America, and country stars are on the rise in popularity. Interestingly enough, the Wildcat student body seem to be resoundingly disappointed by this news. Seniors Alicia Roughton and Lizzie Wilson were in agreement.

“I’m very disappointed by that. I was hoping there would be some good shows coming up soon, and now I’ve got no concerts to go to.” Alicia said.

“Yeah, it’s a pretty big let-down.” Lizzie said.

Senior Nathan Scanlon was a little more dramatic in his reaction.

“Country is the ebola of music. That’s all I have to say.” He said.

So, it looks like there won’t be many Wildcats at the local music venues in the coming months.