Playing at West: Hoodie and Split


The cast of Hoodie and Split.

This year’s spring one acts are Hoodie and Split, two plays that discuss some of the important issues, like divorce and society expectations, in students’ lives.

Hoodie is a series of scenes about life in high school and a girl who wears a hoodie to hide. The scenes are all going to be in front of a projection screen that has slides of either stills or videos of things that might be seen in high school.

In the play, there is a group of students that are called the Clump; they stay together, they talk together, they talk at the same time and generally have the same personality. They represent those in society that don’t want to be different that want to be part of the “in” crowd. This play is talking about the problems about society.

Split is about kids that are afraid to be themselves and their names are their defining characteristic. The show is about being yourself and not going along with everything else.

“I cant wait until opening night; I just love the energy,” said Jeremy Hitz (10).

Between the two plays there will be some improv. The actors in the plays will be the improv leaders and will be preforming.

“I really am excited for the plays, my characters are awesome and I love being able to be them,” said Madeline Cermak (10).

Some of the characters in Hoodie may look familiar in Split. There will be some of the same actors in both shows because the audience only wants the best to portray the characters in each play.

The plays will be March 11th and 12th  which may seem unusual because it is in the middle of the week, the cast and crew hope a great deal of students and staff come out to support their fellow Wildcats!