Gameplay taken to a new extreme

Laser tag and game play takes a whole new twist as you sneak around the streets, scoping out spies to kill.

 Obviously, players are not actually killing real people. This game is basically a larger scale version of laser tag. As a player, you create a codename and are a spy seeking out alliances and people to kill, or “dust”. The game is called Dustcloud.

 Dustcloud is an underground network of spies who play stealth games in public places using electronic guns called dusters and these dusters shoot out bullets called speks.

 According to the creator, Howard Hunt, “Dustcloud is a safe, mobile, first-person shooter game played with GPS tracking and electronic guns called dusters. It’s an urban game that can be played anywhere, by anyone, at any time, and we have adapted it for web and mobile technology. In the long-term, we are interested in developing for wearable computing. Think laser tag in the street, with headset graphics.”

 The website itself puts you into the game. You cannot enter the website without first entering your codename. To register and get involved in this real world spy game, you must request an invitation from their site. The site itself is blocked unless you have a codename.

 There are various types of gameplay: online, offline, and geo-combat to name a few. Your goal as an Agent is to accumulate efficiency points until you rise through the ranks and become a Dustman. Then they send you an upgraded duster with a longer shooting range, and you get to become part of the Dustcloud HQ.

 The original Dustcloud HQ was “a small, dysfunctional bar in a narrow, Harry Potteresque street in Old Town Prague, where we staged a series of test games in 2012, destroying nine of the twelve Dusters we rapid prototyped (back when rapid prototyping was expensive). The following year, we moved our base of operations to Berlin and concentrated on developing version 2.0 Dusters for wide scale mobile gameplay. From August 1 to November 1, 2013, we ate a lot of rice and drank a lot of street beer in Shenzhen, China as part of the HAXLR8R hardware accelerator program” said Ota Fejfar, co-founder.

Ota and Howard built and tested the game in Prague where teams ran around in public shooting friends and strangers with dusters. “There were cops, there were British soccer hooligans, there were dead-eyed Russian street dudes in squeaky leather jackets – the whole thing was this massive underground stealth game” commented Howard Hunt.

When they had first started off, Dustcloud decided to make the game more realistic so they set up their headquarters like a bar and players had to come to the bar and “buy” new magazines and ammo.

In the future, Dustcloud hopes to add a new element to their game. Instead of just having the dusters and an app for your phone, they hope to add the Google Glass for gameplay. It’s hoped to make the game similar to the Terminator, scoping a crowded area and then dusting your victim.

 “Here’s a less precise but much more readable way of describing it: Laser Tag in the Streets. Pew pew pew!’ Eric Johnson of said.