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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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News for Wildcats, by Wildcats.

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Fashion Show: bringing fashion to Normal West

Fashion show weekly meeting

On March 9th at 5 pm, the second Normal West Fashion Show will take place in the high school auditorium.

At 4pm, there will be a vendor market in 150AB, consisting of vendors selling fashion-related items. Some of the vendors include: a prom dress shop, Apricot Lane, and Stay Another Day, (a mental health awareness program).

The 40 members, (80 if you include staff and parent helpers), have been committed to putting together the fashion show.

“I went immediately into planning… about a week after March of last year, I got started, and I’ve been working on it every day,” the head designer/director, Senior Kyle Tidaback remarks.

Last year, the theme for the show was “A New Beginning” because it was the first fashion show to take place at Normal West.

“It’s a new beginning to see another side of interest of people who really don’t get the chance to showcase [it],” Tidaback claims.

This year’s theme is “Together in Paris.” Viewers should expect to see more classical, whimsical, Parisian, and tourist-themed clothing.

While watching, some may wonder where the designers get their inspiration.

“Most of [the] designers get inspiration from previous work they’ve done… If they’ve created something in their sewing class, at home, or have an outfit they like, they will base it off that and add their spin to it,” Tidaback explains.

Some designers even have a sketchbook where they will create their designs.

Many designers create their garments from scratch, but a good portion of them thrift items, deconstruct them to use for the material and make them their own.

Tidaback observes that about 50% thrift, and the other 50% do it from scratch.
Although FACS teacher Mrs. Jackson Suddarth provides some material, but the group lacks the funds to provide all the fabric, so many designers get their own.

However, Tidaback and Mrs. Suddarth have pitched in with money to anyone who needs help with getting materials.

Tidaback originally proposed a fashion show during his sophomore year because he had all these garments and clothes that he created and wanted to show them off.

He also got inspiration from the Illinois State Fashion Show, which he attends every year. Due to this, he went to Mrs. Suddarth, the fashion teacher, and as he says, “the rest is history.”

The Normal West Fashion Show is student-led, and to get organized they had a meeting and created different groups for the things people wanted to do (decorating, modeling, hair, makeup, etc.). Tidaback then gathered all their names, had them fill out Google Forms, put them off into committees, and then started planning.

The show is being funded by FCCLA (Family Community Career Leaders of America), but you definitely can donate if you wish.

They have a website in the process where you can donate, an Instagram account, as well as T-Shirts available. See the “What’s Up Wildcats” boards for a QR code to purchase a t-shirt.

However, you can still fund the show just by attending due to tickets, but prices are still being debated.

If you’re unable to attend, Kyle expresses that, “Ultimately [spreading] the word…. telling people about is the best that you guys could do.”

Attending the fashion show is worth-while. The talent students have is amazing and you won’t regret it.

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